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Looking for a unique vacation destination?

If the idea of going to the cliched Europe, USA, Dubai trips does not appeal to you, then maybe it is time that you look at the other side of the globe.

You need a trip that stands apart and offers a whole new experience, a trip which will resonate with all your senses.

South East Asia becomes one of the popular destinations attracting the huge number of tourist off late.

Below is the list of the top four destinations in South East Asia that offers a healthy dose of nature's beauty, adventure, culture and ancient history who want to go on a short international holiday.


Thailand is a country that you can visit even on your long weekends with an even smaller budget. Thailand is a beautiful country that offers a rainbow spectrum of spectacular holiday sights from blue lagoons and pink sunsets to orange-robed monks. Three wheeled colorful TukTuks, taxis, buses and long tailed boats transport visitors between these marvels. Diving, snorkelling, wind surfing and sailings are just a few active options from the many. Variety of local foods, a beautiful movie like beaches, forested hills, mountains and cliffs are just waiting for you to explore.


Bali, the top choice for honeymooners and surfers has both miles of excellent beaches and volcanic landscapes. Most of the action culminates at its self-indulgent Kuta Beach situated in South Bali. While travellers who are in search of more than surf or a hangover mostly opt for Ubud, the peaceful cultural center of Bali. Some even choose to climb a volcano in the verdant Kintamani region. The magical place is now one of the top destinations in Asia.


Malaysia cleaved in half by the South China Sea is a beautiful country which hosts beauties of both the world. While Peninsula flaunts bustling cities, beautiful colonial architecture, green tea plantations and adventurous islands, Malaysian Borneo hosts wild jungles of orangutans, marvellous granite peaks and mysterious remote tribes, along with some pretty spectacular diving. In short, Malaysia is freaking beautiful country with welcoming people and amazing food.


Singapore, a bustling metropolis is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. Singapore is small enough to make you feel intimated yet big enough to retain a degree of mystery. Best places to visit in Singapore are Thian Hock Keng temple, Merlion, Universal studio, Night Safari and numerous shopping points and beaches. Singapore is a place you will love discovering again and again.