Sun and Fun Holidays
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Who we are

Sun N Fun Holidays is a registered travel company in Nepal. Here at Sun N Fun, we have been creating luxury tailor-made journeys, personalized tours, adventurous holiday and family trips for our valued customers.

With many years of experience excelling in tourism sector, we provide range of travel vacations from family trips, honeymoon tours, corporate holidays packages and tours suitable for individuals and groups. We combine adventure holidays worldwide with desire for understanding and new experiences and offer travelers newest, biggest and best platform in holiday destinations.

Because everyone sees the world differently, our top destination experts use their years of experience combining with unrivaled knowledge to customize your ultimate holiday, made to inspire you to travel.

Our mission

To offer signature itineraries for discerning holidaymakers based on their unique vacation preferences. To ensure every valued client to return to us and refers us to others. To give something back to communities we visit.

Sun and Fun is the ultimate destination to fly you over any corner of the world that you haven’t traversed yet. It’s the passport to having a life time holiday experiences, to exploring the secrets and beauty of nature. We look forward to greeting you as one of our privileged travelers. Enjoy your holiday.

Comfortable travel

Luxury travel with a casual elegance has been our motto at Sun and Fun since the beginning. After all, you’re on vacation, on a journey, on a path of discovery and enlightenment, getting away from it all, seeing the beauty in everything, and breathing the rarified air that makes wherever you travel uniquely yours.

True experiences

You’ll enjoy boutique hotels and exquisite meals, but traveling with us you’ll also be enveloped by people and societies who teach us about ourselves. You’re sharing yourself with the world and soaking in what the world offers in return.

Why Sun N Fun Holidays?